Property Maintenance Services

Ohio’s fluctuating weather can make it difficult to grow grass and maintain a lawn. Luckily, Rescom is proud to offer a variety of lawn care and maintenance services which address all of your specific lawn care needs. Lawn maintenance is crucial to maintain a healthy turf that can withstand varying climate conditions. Remember, no job is too big or small for the lawn care professionals at Rescom!

Grass Aeration

Rescom’s lawn aeration services consists of driving holes into your lawn’s soil to enable the easy entrance of water, air, and fertilizer in order to better access the roots of your lawns’ grass. Core aeration allows water to penetrate down to the root systems of the grass plants, and encourages air movement to the root zone, limits soil compaction which are both important for overall grass health. The depth of the aeration plug is dependent on moisture level of the soil, but typically should be about 3 inches. Our seasoned professionals at Rescom recommend deep core lawn aeration twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall.

Grass Over Seeding

Is your lawn looking thin, and needing some attention? Over seeding is a great way to help an already established lawn. Our machine plants new grass seed in an existing yard, without damaging any turf.

Scheduled/Weekly Commercial Grass Mowing

We offer a weekly mowing program for our commercial customers that will help keep your lawn healthy, and looking great. Our team of professionals will service your property on a regular schedule, every week. Service includes mowing (with or without bagging of clippings), trimming all surfaces where a mower cannot reach, edging all of the sidewalks, driveways and parking lots, and blowing off all debris.

Large Field Mowing

We have the equipment and experience to tackle any tall grass and brush on your property. From hand held brush cutters, to 8’ field mowers, no job is too big or small.