For those looking to maximize landscaping efforts, the old-fashioned seeding approaches might not pass muster. Instead, many Northwest Ohioans are opting to hydroseed.

Hydroseeding is a highly efficient process in which a special mixture consisting of seeds, water, fertilizer and soil treatment additives is sprayed on the desired land area. This process boasts a number of benefits, including a high rate of germination and development of nutrient-rich soil — and all at a cost-effective price point.

The Hydroseeding Process

Slurry Application

A slurry is created by mixing hydromulch (a recycled paper and wood fiber), premium seed, starter fertilizer, tackifier and other additives with water. This slurry is then sprayed onto the prepared soil with a large pressurized pump. This creates the best possible environment for seed germination and a successful, healthy lawn.


Benefits Of Hydroseeding

  • Cost-effectiveness — It’s around 75% less expensive than the cost of sod.
  • Quality — Get a much healthier, greener and longer-lasting lawn than with sodding or hand-seeding applications.
  • Water retention — With the ability to retain up to 10 times its weight in water, it’s proven to be the best method for fast and healthy germination. (This also means up to 25% less watering!)
  • Erosion control — The most prevalent reason for using hydroseeding in an effort to hold moisture and protect against erosion from wind, rain, sun and pests through the binding of seed, hydromulch, fertilizer and tackifier.
  • Coverage — Hydroseeding creates an evenly covered area that forms a barrier to keep stabilize seeds and retain moisture, fertilizer and other healthy growth-enhancing nutrients, ultimately resulting in a full, lush lawn.

Looking for Overseeding, Slit Seeding or Finish Grading?

New Lawn Installation

Are you having a new home built? Home building companies typically leave a new home with a rough graded yard. Here at Rescom we utilize all of the latest equipment to finish grade your lawn. After finish grading has been completed, we power rake the yard to prepare for seed. We precisely plant new grass seed with a precision seeder, leading to a great looking lawn.

Lawn Renovation

Rescom can transform a lawn beyond repair into a healthy, great looking lawn. We will remove all of the old grass and weeds, prepare the existing dirt, and deliver and precisely grade new topsoil where needed. New seed will be professionally planted with a precision seeder.

Slit Seeding

Slit seeding is a method of mechanical grass seeding that actually creates a slice in the soil and deposits seeds in the opening. This allows for a deeper seed penetration, jump starting growth and protecting the grass seeds from elements and animals. It is also ideal for seeding inclined spaces, as the seed will stay where it is planted, instead of rolling downhill and collecting at the base. This may be the best option for those who need lawn repair services, as slit seeding is inexpensive and as reliable as most other techniques.