Snow Removal Services

At Rescom we offer ice control and snow removal for commercial and residential properties throughout the Toledo area.

The winter weather in Toledo can be unpredictable. When the storms come, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your driveways and roads will be cleared professionally and timely so that your family, tenants, or guests will be able to safely move about your property.

Snow Plowing and Removal

Rescom is the number one choice for Toledo area commercial or residential snow removal services. We offer professional plowing which allows you to maintain easy access to your parking lot, driveway and sidewalks. We offer competitive pricing and tirelessly serve customers throughout the Toledo area.

Since each location is unique, the kind of equipment that will be needed for the job will also differ. Rescom will determine your individual needs to assure that your property is safely cleared for the benefit of your clientele and your employees. Our fleet of snow removal equipment is extensive, and we make sure that it is always kept in top condition. We utilize all sizes of equipment, from shovels and snow blowers, to trucks and front end loaders.

Our Toledo snow removal professionals pride themselves on always being on-time and professional, providing the best possible service for your money and ensuring that your Toledo-area snow plowing experience is one that you can trust and feel great about.

Salting & De-Icing

As a property owner in Toledo Ohio you know how icy your decks, porches, and sidewalks can get, and therefore creates a risk for anyone on your property, whether it be family, employees, or customers of your business. When the Toledo temperatures plummet, Rescom is ready to attend to all your winter salting and de-icing needs with competitive pricing and timely, effective work. Let us protect you from the dangers of slippery walk ways with our premium salting and de-icing services.

Rescom will decide from the different methods that may be used for deicing your Toledo commercial properties, and use some variables to determine which method will work best for your particular area. Liquid deicers can be applied before the bad weather hits, or directly to an existing ice formation. Solid deicing materials are also time saving and efficient, and work best when spread directly onto snow accumulation. By using a combination of both solid and liquid deicers, along with a plowing and clearing regimen, Rescom Toledo can help prevent accidents on your property.

Here at Rescom Toledo we provide reliable, 24 hour snow removal services throughout Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding areas. Utilizing the latest techniques and technology, our complete winter storm management services include: snow plowing, de-icing, anti-icing, and sidewalk clearing and maintenance.

Rescom Toledo is ready to help you clear your commercial or residential driveway, roadside, or parking lot. We are a full-service plow and snow removal company that will be at your driveway as soon as the snow begins to accumulate.