Landscaping Services

We at Rescom are dedicated to planning and installing beautiful spaces for outdoor living in the Toledo area. Our emphasis is to specially design unique landscapes that reflect our clients’ personal specifications while also matching your scheduling and budgeting concerns. No matter the size or scope of the work, we take great pride in creating aesthetically pleasing, functional spaces that blend naturally with the existing site and architecture.

Rescom is eager to provide you with a customized experience that will make your vision of the perfect outdoor space a reality. Our company excels in all areas of the landscaping arena, including bed maintenance, mulching, trimming, hedging and clean-up work. Our ultimate goal is to create stunning, functional landscapes with an unparalleled quality of product, service and excellence in all that we do, from start to finish.

Bed Maintenance

No matter the size or current condition, our Toledo bed maintenance services will keep your commercial or residential yard looking immaculate. Landscape beds are an integral part of the overall landscape and deserve just as much attention as the rest of your property. In order to maintain the highest quality Toledo landscaping for all of our clients, Rescom will attend to all your landscape beds providing weed control, mulch, and any trimming or pruning of shrubs. We offer weekly, bi weekly, and monthly bed maintenance programs to keep your landscape in perfect condition.

New Landscape Installation

Having a new home built? Rescom can design and install a brand new, beautiful landscape to go with your new home! From perennials and ornamental trees, to annuals and decorative stone Rescom has something for you!

Mulching Services

Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your trees, plants, and shrubs! Not only does our premium mulch add more dynamic color to your Toledo area landscaping, it also functions as a medium between the hot sun and the soil below and decreases evaporation rates by as much as 35 percent. This greatly helps the soil to retain valuable moisture. Additionally, as mulch breaks down, it becomes nutritious organic matter which aids in the growth of your plants. If your yard could use a little color from our premium mulches, give the Rescom Toledo landscaping professionals a call today!

Landscape Renovation

Do you have landscape beds, flowers, shrubs and plants that are beyond repair? Rescom offers landscape renovation services. We remove all, or just parts, of your existing landscape to make way for a whole new look! We can change, add or remove flower beds, ad and remove plants and shrubs, or just plant a few small annuals!

Trimming, Pruning and Hedging

As the premier Toledo area landscaping maintenance company, we at Rescom pride ourselves on always staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest landscaping techniques. When it comes to hedging or tree trimming, we approach our craft as a science. Pruning trains young trees and hedges to mature into a well-shaped and healthy part of your yard’s landscape. Trimming also helps prevent corrective tree services, which can be unexpected and expensive. A full, healthy crown and strong, well-placed branches minimize the risk of emergency storm damage to the tree and surrounding landscape.

You want the best when it comes to trimming of your lawns’ hedges and trees, and that’s why Rescom is the right Toledo landscaping maintenance company for you!

Spring and Fall Clean-Up Services

No matter how the wind, rain or snow has affected your landscape, Rescom Toledo is here for the clean-up. Our spring and fall clean-up services include the removal of leaves, weeds, and other debris from your yard. We also remove debris from your sidewalk and driveway. You have bigger things to worry about than cleaning the leaves, litter, and mud off of your landscape – let Rescom take care of that for you!

Rescom Toledo is dedicated to installing high quality, artistic landscapes, that are built to last. Allow us utilize our years or experience and top tier materials to help you realize your ideal vision of outdoor living. Start living your dream and call Rescom for your Toledo area consultation today! Our designers and project managers at Rescom have the knowledge, experience and understanding you can trust.