Disinfection & Sanitizing Services in Toledo Ohio

Rescom property services is now offering deep cleaning and sanitation services for your home, office or other work place!

Keeping your workplace free of infectious bacteria and viruses is essential to maintaining a safe workspace and ensuring productivity of your workforce. Without Proper precautions, a workplace-wide case of the cold or flu can cripple worker performance for weeks. That’s where Rescom can help, thanks to our exclusive sanitizing systems, advanced cleaning methods, and industry-leading protocols, we provide sanitizing and disinfection services you can count on.

Sanitization for Residential and Commercial Applications

Rescom utilizes a combination of aerosolized and liquid disinfectants to ensure that all surfaces and environments are fully sanitized. We follow the full spectrum of CDC and Department of Health standards for environment sanitization. Thanks to our superior coverage and technology, Rescom can treat even hard-to-clean surfaces. Keyboards, fabric surfaces, door handles, and carpeting are all sanitized after our deep clean and sanitization treatment. Meanwhile, large areas and surfaces – including restrooms – can be easily sanitized, eliminating germs in the places they’re most likely to cause infection.

Fast Treatments with Minimal Downtime

The spray process is quick and effective, and environments are safe to return to within an hour of completion. We use odorless and fragrance free chemicals that are safe for human contact, so there’s minimal downtime to your facility and zero risk to your staff. All of the clean, with none of the hassle of shutting down for long periods of time!

Contact Rescom Property services today to find out more about our commercial and residential disinfecting and sanitization services. When it comes to your staff, your customers, or your family, you can never be too safe. Rescom is here to help keep you and everyone around you safe from infection and disease. Contact us today to find out how!

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